The 3 Es – The Keys to Being an Attractive Employer

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In competitive markets, finding and keeping the best talent can allow your business to hold a powerful competitive advantage against your competitors. Whether meeting a potential employee for the first time or conducting an annual performance review, it is integral to be an attractive employer. An employer that embodies these 3 Es will hold the key to attracting the best candidates and retaining them.



Keeping employees engaged attaches them to your business and makes them feel a part of the organisation rather than simply being “an employee” of the company. An engaged employee is someone who is going to feel emotionally attached to their job and is therefore this is going to have an impact on the quality of their work. Disengaged employees, on the other hand, can have a negative effect on those around them and can have an impact on the team morale. An employer who keeps their staff engagement alleviates the chances of an employee becoming bored and static in their job; this is a key reason why employees look elsewhere.



Employees have forever yearned for the opportunity to feel empowered in their jobs. Having the power to make a decision or be a part of the decision process, gives employees a real feeling of satisfaction. Being in a position where your voice is heard and listened to has an amazing sense of pride and appreciation. As an employer, giving employees a sense of empowerment can be very fruitful for your business. Quite often, changes are made in organisations where only upper management have been involved in the process or have been informed of the changes, leaving middle and lower management feeling like numbers within a company. This can often result in employees resenting the change and can negatively affect productivity. And again, that’s another reason why they might be looking elsewhere.



When employees become exhausted, they often as become demotivated. Day-to-day routines can be very repetitive and become dull, so it is important for change daily tasks in order to keep your employees active. The best employers out there acknowledge that it is important to break daily tasks up and keep employees energised. This can be achieved by group outings, finishing early some days or encouraging employees to actively partake in active hobbies inside or outside of work. Work-life balance is often a critical component in keeping employees fresh and recharged. Constantly working long hours in the short-term can be effective, but this needs to be managed to ensure the employee burnout does not occur.


It can be hard enough trying to convince potential employees that you are an attractive employer, but keeping the best talent can be even harder. Nowadays staff retention is a very important issue for companies out there and by following these simple rules you have much better chance to keep happy employees and run successful business.

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