Australian Digital Agency Star Chart 2014

You’ve probably heard of the Big Bang theory? Yeah, not the TV series, but the big event which created everything surrounding the little planet called Earth approximately 13.8 billion years ago.

With the formation of stars, heavier nuclei were created from hydrogen and helium by stellar nucleosynthesis, a process that continues today.

Well, nuclei recruitment wanted to have our own attempt at creating a universe. So working with our UK partner Neil’s Recruitment we created the Australian version of their Digital Agency Starchart for 2014!

We realised we were not quite powerful enough to do it all at once,

Listed on the map are over 102 Australian agencies in the digital space and those in their groups and networks.


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How we did it

We did our best to speak to every single company on the list. When we couldn’t reach them, we checked the details over emails. Wherever possible the information on the chart was given to us by employees or representatives from the group.

When that wasn’t possible, we used publicly available data. For global agencies we used their founding dates, the organisational hierarchy and agency type typically came from the company websites and the headcounts came from best estimates, using tools like LinkedIn or listings in trade press.

The dates relate to the founding of the company or the parent company when they are part of a group (more interesting for the independents).

There’s a lot of data, so it’s not impossible that we’ve got something wrong. If something needs correcting, just get in touch.

A big thank you to everyone who helped us get the data together, Neil for his concept and support and the designer Jack Hagley for his work.

UK Agency Chart

What’s more awesome, our friends over at Neil’s Recruitment have a similar star chart for the UK market, take a look at their original UK Digital Agency Starchart 2013 for comparison!

UK Agency Star Chart 2013

Oh – and by the way…

Since you’re already here we thought it might be worth telling you that this amazing piece of content is not the only one we have produced. We also aim to answer the questions that our candidates and clients have on their minds in our blog section. Why don’t you take a look?

We also have many exciting roles on offer right now with some of the great agencies our Starchart represents. Take a look at our job tab!

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