5 hints to help you deal with rejection


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Turned down after a long and promising interview process? Rejected when you so hoped to get that perfect job? It’s pretty frustrating to receive a rejection email or phone call, when you were hoping for an offer instead.

It’s ok to feel heartbroken, disappointed or frustrated. Many of us have been there. The question is, how to deal with it?

1) Try not to take it personally
Your initial reaction might be emotional, but try to look at it from a different perspective. The hiring process is a combination of your skills, personality fit and other internal or external factors (such as budget, new client wins, changes in economy, etc). It might be a complex decision making process, involving multiple stakeholders and some factors might just change throughout the process. You might still be perfect for the job you applied for, but the job might have changed!

2) Ask for feedback
Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, ask for details. Learn as much as you can from every interview experience and find out what could be done differently next time. The more you know, the higher your chance to control the income next time.

3) Don’t burn your bridges
In such a small market like digital and media in Australia you have a pretty high chance to come across the same people. They might interview you again, become your employers one day or clients. They might change their mind and bring you back for the final interview! There was a reason why you made it so far!

4) Keep swimming, stay positive
Don’t give up only because you didn’t get this one. The fact that you lost this one gives you a chance to explore other options. Go into your next interview with a clean slate, they want to speak to you and consider hiring you, otherwise you wouldn’t be invited. And remember, everything happens for a reason!

5) Prepare the plan
That’s your chance to learn from mistakes and prepare for the next interview. Take it as a learning curve, the more you practice, the better you get. Decide where you want to work and why, what can you offer them and how you will get that job. Hint: ask your recruiter for help, that’s what we should be good at – helping you to land the right job.

Job rejection is a natural step in your job hunting life. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about yourself once you get a chance to go through such an experience. And as far as you deal with it well, the next job you get will be the right, well deserved one.

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