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Now more than ever Aussies are turning their passions – fitness, beauty, photography, social media etc – into their full time profession. However, for those that are still stuck in a job that they are unhappy in, making this transition may be a bit daunting.

Sound familiar? If you’re one of the many people looking for greater fulfilment out of your full time job, this blog is for you, as we run through the major considerations of turning your job into your passion.

1. Know your skills

Just because you are a major fan of “indie music” doesn’t mean becoming the lead singer of your very own independent band is the best career path for you. Instead when you hear everyone from career experts to HR professionals talking about choosing a job that entices your passion, what they are really talking about is a role that will allow you to bring your skills to the table.

For instance, if you’re skilled in sales, rather than becoming an indie singer, working for an independent record company that you’re a passionate about might be a better choice.

2. Consider the logistics

Perhaps your passion is more entrepreneurial and you have an app idea up your sleeve. Does that mean you should jump the gun, take out a loan and pour a whole lot of money into the idea?

Well, the answer is only if you have carefully considered the logistics. How much will it cost to get your idea up and running? How many staff will you need? The list of questions you’ll need to ask yourself goes on.

Before you commit fully to the idea, it might be a wiser idea to work for a start up company or get involved in the entrepreneurial community to get advice from other people that followed their passions and found success.

3. Find out if your passion really is your passion

It’s one thing to love photography in your spare time, but another thing completely to turn it into your full time job. Whether it’s shadowing a professional in that field for a day or taking on an internship over the weekend, trying your hand at working in the field before committing to your passion is a must do before you walk down any career path.

4. Discover the steps you’ll need to make

Speaking of your career path, have you thought about the steps that are required to become a professional in that field? You may need a higher level of education or maybe you’ll need to take a slight pay cut to enter on a more junior level. Whatever the steps are, it’s important to consider them carefully, so you’re fully aware of what it will take to turn your passion into your full time job.

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