Hunting down corporate superstars – The employee that has it all

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Hiring a new member of your team, isn’t always easy, as you’ll not only want someone who can perform like a superstar in the role but an employee who also fits nicely within your company’s culture.

Finding that right employee can pay off hugely, with research from the Harvard Business Review showing the best performers are roughly four times as productive as average performers.

So how exactly do you find those top performers? Here are some tips to help you hunt down a corporate superstar that has it all:

  1. Don’t judge an employee solely on their resume

As a HR manager or recruiter, when you have a large number of interviews to get through, what can sometimes happen is the candidates get lost behind their resumes. When interviewing, try to look beyond the facts written down on that piece of paper and get to know the candidate by asking broad open ended questions.

The superstar employees will offer thoughtful answers about the decisions they have made to get to where they are today. It’s also a great way to see where their passions lie and whether they align with the job you are currently looking to fill.


  1. Determine their flexibility to work across multiple teams

Any HR manager or recruiter knows, these days the work of varying departments within the business often overlap. For this reason, a large part of finding a corporate superstar is hiring an employee that has the capability to understand the business as a whole and easily collaborate on projects with other teams.

That’s why, in the interview it’s a good idea to ask scenario based questions, which will help you ascertain whether the candidate has the capability to work successfully across the entire company, not just in your department.


  1. Ask questions that reveal if they fit in with your work’s culture

Of course, a corporate superstar also needs to be a good match for the workplace culture. Often determining their suitability in this area comes down to asking specific cultural fit questions e.g “Describe the work culture you’re most happy in…”

By asking these types of questions you’ll quickly see if they have the same values as your company and will easily become a member of the team and add value to the workplace dynamics.


  1. Beware of the ego

In the interview process, you may come across a candidate that has all of the above qualities and more. But you might not have noticed they have one personality trait that could be toxic down the track – narcissism.

While the employee may excel in their own role, you could find their ego getting in the way of the team’s performance as a whole, which will obviously have a negative influence on the success of your department.


So those are our top tips for finding the right candidate – all the best in your hunt for that superstar employee!

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