Jumping back into the workforce – How to make a splash

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Whether you’re a mum returning to work after a period of maternity leave or a globetrotter finally ready to give up the life of travel for a 9-5 job, it may take some time to find that perfect role.

But there are some tactics job hunters can take on, who have been out of the working game for a period, that will help ensure success.

So if you’re ready to plunge back into the workforce, read our top tips below for employment success:

Tip 1# Know your dollar value

Just because you’ve taken a break from working, doesn’t mean you should be re-entering at a package below your deserved level. So write a list of all your positive attributes and the skills you’ve gained over the years that you can sell to potential employers. You weren’t always on maternity/paternity leave or travelling the globe, were you?


Tip 2# Sell your skills

Once you’ve drawn up a sound list of what you have to offer, when you start looking at jobs online, with each role have a think about how your skills fit the job criteria. Remember employers and recruiters read countless CVs and cover letters, so if they can see you’ve taken the time to address the job criteria and highlight how your skills match the role, they’ll see you’re a serious candidate.


Tip 3# Be honest

This tip is pretty simple: from your resume to the job interview, be upfront about your skills and only claim to have experience you have. Believe us, interviewers will appreciate your honesty. If you find there are areas you are not fulfilling the job criteria, but know that it’s the type of role you’re after, consider taking a class or volunteering to gain those skills.


Tip 4# Use your networks

Finding a job when you’ve been out of the workforce for a while is often about the contacts you have. So one option could be getting in contact with a previous employer that you remain on good terms with. You could also consider speaking to past colleagues, as they may have people within their networks (and your industry) that they can contact for you.

If you’ve been out of the working game and don’t have any contacts you can draw on, there’s always the option of attending meetups. You’ll probably be surprised to find the number of professional networking events that could potentially open career doors for you. Just remember one thing, never underestimate the power of networking!


Tip 5# Get a LinkedIn account

Of course networking doesn’t stop there, another way you can expand your contacts in the new age is with LinkedIn. Often the first call of action for employers is to search potential candidates on this social media platform, to gain insight into their experience and skills. So ensure everything from your photo to your past work details are up-to-date before you begin applying for jobs.


Tip 6# Practice

We all know the saying, “practice makes perfect”. So enlist a family member or friend to play the role of interviewer, so you can brush up on your interview skills. Remember to also practice for potential phone interviews, which recruiters and HR professionals use as a way of determining who they will bring in for the face to face interview.

How are you going to make a splash back into the workforce? Fill us in with your career goals below..

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