Present vs productive – 5 ways to kick start productivity at work

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In the workplace there’s always going to be different types of employees. For instance, there’s those who proclaim to be “workaholics” staying back until 8pm but are actually getting through a minimal amount of work (this is dubbed presenteeism). By comparison, other employees may work strictly within the hours of 9am-5pm but breeze through a much larger amount of work.

The main difference between these two employee types is the first is present, whilst the later is productive. So how can you turn a workplace that has the culture of presenteeism around into a culture of productivity?


In this blog we’ll run you through some of the simple ways you can enhance your workplace’s productivity:


  1. Keep track of workloads

It’s easy as a manager or boss to automatically assume the employees staying back the longest are working the hardest. But that isn’t always the case. So rather than rewarding those that work the longest hours, keep an eye on the performance of each individual and reward those that reach their milestones sooner.


  1. Take regular breaks

We’ve all had that feeling of three-thirtyitis, where it’s hard to concentrate and get back into the workflow. According to Hays, three-quarters of employees said their productivity benefited from taking a break away from the office at lunch time. That’s why it’s important to encourage a culture, where everyone takes regular breaks. Whether it’s organising team lunches or walking meetings, a decent break away from the desks is sure to enhance everyone’s performance and motivation to get their work done.


  1. Stop the hoarding of holidays

Taking regular breaks is one way to improve productivity, but you should also ensure everyone is taking their annual leave and not stockpiling them. According to Expedia’s global Vacation Depravation Report, 9% of Australian workers said they are too worried to take a day off because they fear important work decisions will be made without them. However, it’s important to build a culture where employees are comfortable taking holidays, as those employees that don’t utilise their leave are more likely to take sick days and could even burnout.


  1. Encourage brainstorming

Sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week, can often put a plug in the work flow. So set up meetings throughout the week, where teams can get away from the computer and get together to brainstorm ideas around planning and executing upcoming projects. Also consider adding plants to areas throughout the office, such as the brainstorming rooms as this helps create a feeling of tranquility and calm in the office.


  1. Launch team outings and games

Whether it’s a table tennis tournament or outdoor soccer match, you might be surprised to find the number of employees that are willing to give some workplace fitness a go. It’s a great way of building a positive work culture and will boost everyone’s overall performance as they are taking a break from the daily grind.


Have you got any tips for kick starting your workplace’s productivity? Let us know in the comments below.

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