5 things you need to know BEFORE the interview

Posted By Dorota / September, 4, 2014

Congratulations you’ve been invited to interview for the role of your dreams! Now, it’s time to get to work and prepare for that big moment.

It’s no secret that top hiring managers are most impressed by well-prepared candidates, but what exactly does that mean? Sometimes, candidates go into job interviews rattling off as many details about the company that they can in an effort to prove that they ‘did their research’. But all this really shows a hiring manager is that you have a good head for memorising facts.

So what should you be doing to actually prepare? (more…)

The 5 mistakes you’re already making in your job hunt

Posted By Dorota / August, 29, 2014

Whether you’ve just finished school or are looking for new career opportunities, there’s lots to consider when it comes to the job hunt. But while you’re focused on polishing up your resume or crafting that perfect cover letter, you might not realise that you’ve already gotten off on the wrong foot!

Don’t end up in one of these common job search pitfalls. (more…)

Making the most of your recruiter

Posted By Dorota / August, 21, 2014

Working with a recruitment consultant can help take the hassle out of your job search. A recruiter will not only have more specific insight into what employers are looking for, but they’ll also be able to match you to other roles and companies that you might not have even heard of.

There’s plenty that you can do to ensure your making the most of your relationship, here’s how you can both realise job placement success! (more…)

The #1 Pro Tip to Ace the Interview (and it’s not what you think it is)

Posted By Dorota / August, 15, 2014

Want to know a secret about hiring?

The most qualified candidate never gets the job.

It’s really true for the most part – and here’s why! While you might feel you tick all the boxes and your resume and experience perfectly match the job description, guess what? That job description served one and one purpose only – to find qualified candidates to interview. (more…)

Swapping Australia for America, and NYC specifically!

Posted By Dorota / July, 23, 2014

Seen any interesting migration trends recently? Have you noticed how many Brits swapped London for Sydney or Melbourne? We can’t complain, as we want them here!

We have however been losing lots of talent. Surprisingly Aussies want to leave Straya! And where are they moving to? NYC, obviously!


We have been intrigued and curious about how they found the move, visa process and how they compare their working cultures, etc. and we have put together some interesting profiles. (more…)