Making the most of your recruiter

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Working with a recruitment consultant can help take the hassle out of your job search. A recruiter will not only have more specific insight into what employers are looking for, but they’ll also be able to match you to other roles and companies that you might not have even heard of.

There’s plenty that you can do to ensure your making the most of your relationship, here’s how you can both realise job placement success!

Choose wisely

Most recruiters will specialise in a particular industry or field. Make sure you feel that your recruiter understands exactly what skills you have and what value you can deliver to a potential employer. Take the time to do your research about the recruiter as well as the company you’ll be applying to and ensure that it’s a good fit.

Make the most of your recruitment interview

Treat your recruitment interview the same way as any job interview: dress smart, be confident and put your best foot forward. If you give a strong first impression, your recruiter will feel much more comfortable about putting you forward to meet the client because they know you’ll get the job done! Also use this first meeting to ask your own questions, to find out more about the current state of the job market and to glean information on other roles and opportunities.

Be honest and forthcoming about your aims and objectives

The more information a recruiter has about your search, the better she’ll be able to match you to the ideal role. This means you have to be forthcoming about your immediate and longer term career aims. If you have a specific salary package in mind, or you’re limited by travel and commute, make sure you mention this early on. It’ll be egg on your recruiter’s face if they put you forward for a role that you’re unsuited for and it will damage the relationship in the long run.

Be prompt, courteous and professional

Recruiters understand that you might not be available during business hours because you want to keep job search under wraps – and that’s fine! However, it’s important to make yourself available to take calls and answer your recruiter’s questions, whether that’s during your lunch hour or outside your regular office hours. Set clear communication rules early and agree on timeframes and methods for touching base. And be sure to keep your recruiter up to date on your search, for example, if you take on another position.

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