Battle of the Commonwealth – Comparing Aussies to the Brits

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Australia is already known for being an extremely multi-cultural country, but when you’re comparing the digital and media landscape in Oz; it becomes even more so. In fact that it can almost be a novelty to find Aussies, particularly in upper management positions. The reason for this is that the market began earlier in the UK than it did in Australia so the best UK talent were able to come join an emerging market and help grow it. But – times have changed. The market is no longer emerging, it is established and it is becoming much harder for UK candidates to get a role ahead of an Australia candidate. As consultants, we’re often asked by Australian candidates “how do I compare with candidates at my level from the UK”?

Level playing field

Do not be too alarmed Australia, you are completely on par with candidates from the UK market as nuclei recruitment’s English recruitment partner, Neil Middlemass has told us. The Australian market is starting to mature, which means that employers will only invest in the very best talent from the UK for upper-level roles where there isn’t enough local talent. However this is diminishing by the day as candidates and the market place gains more and more experience.

Time & Cost

One of our clients (who funnily enough is from the UK) who was recently deciding between 2 local candidates and one from the UK said in reference to the UK candidate “they’ll need to really wow me and prove they are worth much more than the local candidates for me to take them”. This was a pretty blunt statement that shows how the market is moving. Even if a candidate from overseas has the edge over you in terms of experience or skills or attitude, they will still need time to hand in their notice (which is normal to be 3 months), book their flights and come over and have their sponsorship paid for. There is a significant time and cost to bear in mind here for potential employers.

Market Knowledge

Another advantage that Aussies have over their British counterparts is knowledge of the local market. Whether it’s the clients you’ll be working on, knowledge or publishers and media owners or greater understanding of a potential employer… as a local, you will have the edge. It’s takes time to become accustomed and to familiarise yourself with all of these keys factors.

So when it comes down to it and an employer is comparing two candidates, one of the UK and the other from Australia; the advantage lies with the local. They’re as equally qualified, based here and know the market already. It then comes down to the individual themselves to show their worth. For our friends in the UK, you’re still a chance; you will just need to “wow” us.

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