How long does the recruitment process take?

how long is a piece of string?

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‘How long does the recruitment process take’  is a question that recruitment consultants often get asked by job seekers and it’s a very hard one to answer. One could respond to that question with another question all together “How long is a piece of string?!”

As you would expect every company will have a different set of guidelines for their recruitment process. Some companies will have 2 rounds of interviews and others could go to as many as 4 rounds. I recently heard of someone going through 8 rounds of interviews!

The recruitment process can also be affected by a raft of other factors too. There could be a lot of people being interviewed at the same time which will drag the process on for longer. Another determining factor is the availability of the interviewer and interviewee. If the schedules don’t match up you could be waiting two weeks between interview rounds!

If you are applying for a job overseas then you could be waiting 4 weeks or more for the contract after the first interview. Things like time zones and visa regulations play a part. Hiring from overseas is a riskier option for employers, so due diligence on job seekers always takes longer.

Another influencer on the recruitment process is the contract writing. In most cases there is a relatively short turnaround when it comes to drafting a contract, however in some cases in takes up to a month! Or longer!

When going through the recruitment process, one thing you have to have is patience! In addition to that, you also have to be prepared for anything!

I hope this short blog will help when it comes time to move jobs


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