Offline to Online: In Search of the Holy Grail (of media)

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Digital is something that everyone talks about. Advertising budgets are getting more digitally focused and more and more money is being diverted there. If all the reports are to be believed then digital advertising is the best thing since sliced bread! While digital media is important does that mean that offline channels are in danger of becoming as extinct as dinosaurs?

While it is probably fair to say that print media is struggling, other offline channels like TV and outdoor continue to thrive and play an essential part of the media mix. Nonetheless with all the noise surrounding digital channels more people are looking to make a move to digital and up skill themselves. So this raises the question; how easy is it to move from offline media to online?

The simple answer is that it is not easy. In the current job market, potential employers are all looking to hire people who have relevant experience. In the case of digital planning and buying, for example, it will be rare for a hiring manager to employ someone who has spent their career planning and buying across offline channels. The technical skill set required for a digital role like that is very unique and doesn’t translate well from offline channels.

There is a counter argument to this. As media plans and channels converge it may in fact become easier to actually jump from offline to online. If we use TV as an example, it is clear to see that the principles behind that channel and Video On Demand (VOD) are not that different. In fact some agencies combine TV buying with VOD buying. This gives some people a unique opportunity to learn about digital on the job and combine that with processes that they are already familiar with.

It is the opinion of this recruitment consultant that if you are interested in learning about digital you should take it upon yourself to research and learn the required skills independently. Take a long view of your career and decide where your ideal destination point is. Once you know that it will become easier to plan the journey!


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