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Our top reasons to challenge yourself before considering your next role.

In the Media industry moving jobs every 2 years is seen as the norm, and in many cases a 2 year stint in the same agency is considered impressive with an average churn rate of over 30%. Some of the candidates in the market have managed to work for every one of the top five media agency groups before reaching their mid-twenties. This quick movement and “quick progression”, when moving from agency to agency is creating certain limitations for candidates who have worked in a number of different agencies. Realistically, what’s next?

For many candidates we deal with, the opportunities they want are not available in their current companies/roles, but for some people, it may be more beneficial to progress internally, depending on the reasons considering leaving of course.

In this blog post, we’re hoping to show you some reasons to think long and hard before you start job hunting.

Here are some things to consider before starting booking in your interviews:


What is most important to you in a new role: salary, position, clients? Once you know this, then consider:

  1. What potential is there for growth in your current role? Does your manager know how unhappy you are and can they help you to change anything?
  2. Have you spoken to your HR guys? Are there opportunities in other teams that might provide the opportunities you are considering elsewhere?
  3. If part of a big group of agencies, have you asked if there are opportunities within the group?

Now, you’re reading this blog post and thinking ‘Why would a recruiter tell me to look internally?’ and the simple answer to this is that in the long run it will benefit you, and when the time is right for you to move, we’re hoping you remember the honest opinion we gave you how much we cared about you, rather than getting a quick and easy placement.

For us, there’s nothing worse than a counter offer that’s accepted, or someone pulling out mid-process because they found out they can get what they want internally, we’d rather have it all up front.

The benefits for you in considering internal opportunities are certainly there too, your resume is strengthened by staying in a company longer or making an internal move, it shows how valuable you are to them. You also won’t experience any surprises when you hand your notice in, and if you do get a counter offer at that point, you might not be so easily swayed, they had the chance to keep you. You can have more strength in your decision to leave, and that this is right for you.

As mentioned in our blog post about burning bridges, knowing you are ready to move is really important, as if you don’t, you’re potentially wasting the time of the people you’re interviewing with, which could leave some bad feelings, and negative opinions about you, which isn’t wise in such a small market.

If you’re ready to consider new opportunities then please contact the nuclei team, we’d love to hear from you.

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