Benefits of working with Recruitment Agencies

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Have you ever wondered why some people choose to use a recruiter when searching for a new role?  There can be a number of benefits to partnering with a recruitment consultant, whether you are simply hoping to keep your options open, or actively searching for a new role. If you have ever thought about using a recruiter in your job search then this blog is for you.

Here are 5 reasons why using a recruitment agency can benefit you:

1. Recruiters can identify hidden opportunities

The best recruiters know about jobs well before they are advertised and known to the market (or even to their clients). Quite often companies choose not to advertise jobs, but rather acquire the services of recruitment agencies. On many occasions organisations may not even have a vacancy, but because they understand a company’s business needs and long term growth plans, they may be able to get you an interview or even a new role with that company.  .  As a job seeker, you may be missing out on these opportunities, if you are expecting to see them on particular job boards.

2. Recruiters will be your coach through the process

Recruiters can coach you throughout the job seeking process and provide regular feedback in order for you to have the best chance at achieving success. They can provide feedback on how your resume will look in the eyes of prospective hiring managers and give feedback and helpful insights after, and in preparation for each interview. Recruiters can also coach and prepare you in dealing with counteroffers and pressures from external parties. The best recruiters will stay in touch with you prior to and after the job placement in order create long term relationships built on honesty and trust.

3. Recruiters have strong relationships with their clients

Strong recruiters will know their clients inside and out. They will also know the role and its responsibilities. This means that you are able to get a good feel for the corporate culture, whether you meet their expectations and whether they meet yours. The strong relationships recruiters have been with their clients and line managers provide a big benefit to you. The mutual trust that exists between recruiters and their clients means that they are able to provide you a higher chance of landing a job.

4. Recruiters are market experts

No question is a silly question! Recruiters do this for a living. Am I under paid? When should I start looking elsewhere? Will I fit culturally within another organisation? When should I ask for an internal promotion?

These are all the type of questions that a recruiter can provide expert advice on for free. It is our responsibility to keep up to date on current market trends and market rates.

5. Recruiters are here with you all the way to the finish line

As a jobseeker, your goal is to find the best role for you. A position within an organisation that provides opportunities to learn and grow, career development and recognition for doing a good job. The goal of a recruiter is to assist you in finding this role, as well as to provide a strong and suitable candidate for their client and ensure that this will be a good long term role for you. Your goal is aligned with the goal of the recruiter (and the client), leaves you in a very strong position. The alignment of goals can be a powerful aid in reaching your goal, your job.

We hope that by remembering these 5 key points; Recruiters can identify hidden opportunities, Recruiters can be your coach, Recruiters have strong relationships with their clients, Recruiters are experts and Recruiters and you, the candidates, share the same goal, you will be able to achieve what you have been striving for – that partnership with a recruiter who understands you, your needs and your expectations.

If you are considering a new role and looking for some advice, assistance and recruitment help please contact the nuclei team!

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