When to call quits with work?

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Are you waking up every morning with dread in your stomach, feeling exhausted all the time or dreaming about greener pastures? For many of us, experiencing these sentiments is part of the daily grind and something we can put up with. But for others, how do you know when it’s time for a major shake-up? When should you actually do something about heading to those greener pastures and call it quits at work?

We all know that the days of having just one job for life are over, for most of us at least. Of course, we can all dream about finding a job that will keep us happy forever, but the reality of life means that we have different needs and wants at different life stages, and this is reflected in our work, just as much as it is in our personal lives. It’s common these days to hear stories of our friends and colleagues moving on, finding a new employer, and even completely changing occupations.

Think and plan before acting

Calling it quits at work is never an easy decision. It requires thinking, assessing and planning. Sure, on a tough day on the job many of us salivate at the thought of walking into our boss’ office and courageously yelling out “I quit!” But leaving your employment shouldn’t be done on a whim and fancy, and should never be done in the heat of a bad day on the job. You’ll likely burn bridges this way, and it won’t be a wise career decision.


When you’ve had enough

If you’re feeling burnt out at work, if those days of jumping out of bed eager to get your day started are long gone, start thinking seriously about what your options are. Not all of us need to immediately take steps towards quitting, but you do need to assess where you are in life and where you want to be. Work is such a huge part of life, you shouldn’t be miserable in it, day after day.

If you are feeling that every workday is a chore, perhaps there are things you can do to spice things up. It could be that you like your employer but not so much your current role. Taking on greater responsibilities or altering your work duties can be helpful in finding out whether there are easy fixes. If you feel confident doing so, find an opportunity to arrange a meeting with your boss and talk about your responsibilities. Sometimes showing initiative and an enthusiasm to learn new things will kick change into action, particularly if you have a good manager.

Or maybe you love the role you’re doing but not so much your employer or workplace. Remember that what you do is only one part of your work. It’s also important to be in a workplace that’s positive and in which you’re given opportunities to progress. If your employer has no interest in upskilling you or in your long-term career progression, it could be that you need to look for an alternative employer.


The big switch

Now, you need to be honest with yourself: Have you noticed that you’re slacking off at work more than ever before? It could be that you’re bored or that your heart just isn’t in it anymore, but these are signs that it’s time to move on and find new employment. Everyone has slack moments here and there but if these moments are piling up, things aren’t going to get getter until you make a change.

When thinking about switching employment, it’s always crucial to talk to the people around you to get their perspective. If you have a family, there are impacts on them that need to be considered, but equally, talking helps us to better focus our thoughts and can make it clearer why we are unhappy and what we want to change.

Talking to someone knowledgable such as a recruiter can help you get a sense of what other offerings may be out there. The job market is much larger than you think! Finding out what your options may be does not mean you need to take the plunge and quit, but it may just help you to get a clearer idea of where you want to go.

Calling it quits at work is a hard decision but also an empowering one. Never think it’s too late or too hard; there are always options out there, and sometimes, they may just be for the better.

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