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  • 05/10/2016

Yes, to some extent, writing accomplishments essays is about self-evaluation. At least, evaluating objectively your achievements, some important things you have done is what a good accomplishments essay should be about. By the way, questions about your achievements will most likely be asked during the application process.

So, what should you do to prepare an outstanding accomplishment essay? What should you do to provide the reader with all necessary information he/she is looking for?

This is a step-by-step guide to writing accomplishments essays.

Step 1
Start your work on the accomplishments essay with investigating the reader. Which of your accomplishments might be of great interest?

Step 2
Now, get down to self-evaluation. Make a list of all things you are proud of. You may divide this list into academic accomplishments and your successes in other fields. Think what can make your accomplishment essay sound more impressive.

At this stage, you should also think about some explanations. The reader of your accomplishment essay will wonder why things you are talking about play such an important role for you.

Step 3
Make an outline. Basically, this step will help you include only the most significant things into your accomplishments essay. Mind that what matters to you can be less meaningful to the reader of your accomplishments essay.

Step 4
Finally, you may start writing the accomplishments essay itself. Keep your paper well-organized and your writing smooth. Add vivid details, attention-grabbers, necessary transitions, etc. Do not forget to revise and eliminate all mistakes after your paper is finished.
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