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Finding the best people starts at home. Our team of experienced recruiters are committed, passionate and professional – and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Dorota Dopierala

Dorota Dopierala
Managing Director

Dorota has been recruiting across countries – and continents – for several years. Her experience lies in Performance Marketing, IT and Finance recruitment and she has had great success in placing candidates in a number of roles. With her strong work ethics, Dorota is known for being exceptionally honest (and sometimes, maybe a little direct) and she will always go the extra mile to fill a company role or find a candidate that perfect matching job.

At nuclei, Dorota is on the lookout for talented Search and Online professionals and is also working on building a solid and effective team.

After (or before) hours, or most likely during the weekends, you will likely find her around some of Sydney’s best diving wrecks, searching for big and small animals. Take the challenge and join her under the water!

Carly Morris

Carly is a passionate UK Expat who settled in Australia in 2011 and has now built a life for herself in Sydney. Coming from a personal development background, Carly brings to the nuclei team a keen insight into professional growth. A people person, known for her straight talking, Carly values honesty above all else and enjoys the satisfaction in helping people take the next step in their careers.

Performance Marketing is Carly’s area of expertise, working with Search and Online agencies to find the best fit for the best candidates. Her aim is to ensure that your next role is as closely aligned to your passion as possible, giving you the chance to excel.

You can spot Carly cycling to and from work, or find her in the studio practicing yoga and working on her holistic health. When out of half moon pose, Carly also enjoys diving and is always on the lookout for the next physical challenge!


Joe Dalton

Joe is from the South-West of England and arrived in Sydney whilst travelling in 2013.

Joe’s genuine and open approach to people is what allows him to develop a key understanding of the needs of both clients and candidates and help them to achieve their goals.

When Joe isn’t in the office, he’s most likely to be in the ocean surfing or off exploring in his campervan. When the surfs are flat, Joe also enjoys playing golf, squash, tennis, running and will have a go at just about anything.

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